Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

So I finally figured out my blog issue, after months and months of not being on here. So all you fans I am back and ready to roll (j/k). Well my life hasn't changed too much. I am still working two jobs and keep really busy with that. I did move, but just across town to a new apartment. It is nice, because I finally have my own room and my own bathroom. I am loving it tons!!! There is also a swimming pool and a work out room (which I have haven't used of course). I did go to San Deigo this summer and that was way fun. Maybe I will have to post some pictures of that later. This last week my sister-in-law and I got my neice's one year old pictures done. They turned out so cute, and she actually smiled in all of them, she was a little rock star! So here are some of the pictures. I can't decide which ones I like best, so you guys need to help me decide. Make your vote!
Taylie on the Bench smiling away! Isn't she the cutest thing ever!

Now she is holding onto the bench standing up.


A close up, but a little off center but that's fixable


On the number one block, since it's for her 1st birthday

5thGetting ready to climb up the ladder


Sitting on the cute tiny chair


Being so cute and just sitting there.

I did her hair all flipped out for these pictures, I wish you could see it more, it is so cute and little out of control. She looks so grown-up in her stylish outfit and hair.

So there are the 7 options. She is just so dang cute in all of them that I can't decide which ones to order and make into a 8x11. I need your help!! Well keep me updated on your lives.

Thursday, March 1, 2007



We went shopping and bought some summer outfits. We of course we had to try them on. They are a little big, but so adorable. You can't see the shoes too good, but they match perfectly and are so adorable. She is such a cute girl. Love her!

Talan Posing for the camera. Making a dramatic facial expression. He got a little close to my phone because he wanted it.

Here are some fun pictures of my adorable nephews and neice. I know I show a lot of pictures of them, but they are my excitement in life. Taylie is seriously the cutest thing. She is so tiny. The picture of the summer clothes are suppose to fit her now according to the label, but they still drown her. She is just petit. Well I know I haven't posted for a long time, but there wasnt' much to post about. I have just been working like crazy at both jobs. I went home for a weekend and had fun. I also got to see some of my old roommates because one of my old roommates just got back from her mission and we had a little reunion. I will post those pictures later. Hope all is well. I am excited that it is March finally. March is my favorite month since my birthday is next week and it is Spring Break usually and Spring might actually come. I am pretty sure it will never come here. We have gotten a ton of snow, but I guess we have to make up for it since we didn't have much all winter long. :( Happy March 1st to everyone!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost Valentines Day

Talan at Panda Express. He loves Straws! He was a stylish boy this day with his jean jacket and spiked hair.

Taylie sticking her tongue out at me. She was ready to go play some tennis with her Wilson sweatshirt and sport headband and tiny pig tails. Her arms really aren't that big, it's just the angle.

Well nothing too exciting has happened this week. I have just been working. Lots of people having babies. We have been really busy this week, I don't know why. There must of been something really significant nine months ago. If anyone figures that out let me know. I would like to make some sense of the baby madness. Well it is almost Valentine's Day, the day of love or for me the day of Single Awareness. I just had to say Happy Valentine's Day to all and hope that if cupid hasn't found you someone yet, he will. That is my hope. I actually saw this really funny thing today at the dollar store. It was an arrow that you could shoot cupids at people. I totally want to buy it. It was hilarious. Hope all is well!! Enjoy this weeks pictures of Taylie and Talan, they were taken on my phone so they aren't very clear. HAPPY V-DAY!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007


I am so glad that I survived January and that it is over. It was a touch and go for a while there but then January 31st came and I celebrated. I know that it is weird but I just like February so much more. I am way excited that it is Friday too. I hope all is well with everyone. Keep me updated on your lives. I will post more pictures later when something exciting happens and its worth taking a picture of. Happy February!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Hate January

I hope you enjoy these pictures. This first one is like my favorite picture ever! The other ones are just from Christmas and other events. Have a great day!!!
This Taylie, she is sitting up so good and was showing off for the cameras. This was taken just this week, don't you just want to squeeze her and kiss those chubby cheeks.
This is Taylie trying out Talan's new car, she has amazing balance. You can see Talan in the background not quite sure how he feels about his little sister riding on his car. I love Taylie's facial expression here it is so funny!
My mom is in the center with all her grand children. Talan is on the far left, then Taylie,
then Caden, and then Jake
Talan was Tigger for Halloween, He loves to still suck on his two fingers

These pictures really have no correlation with my post but I just wanted to show off my nephews and niece. So don't be confused by that . . .
Well anyway I am so glad that January is almost over because it is such a long and dreary month. In my town January is so cold and the inversion this year just about kills you every time you go outside for just even a second. It is in the teens or below zero most of the time, but on top of freezing temperatures there is the wind that chills you to the bone and freezes your lungs instantly. It is like an ice land up here. Not that I don't love this County and town but the winters are bitter cold here. Luckily we don't have much humidity or it would be even worse. January isn't all bad but I am just glad it is almost over. Anyway I wanted to post some more pictures of my nieces and nephews because they are the main thing that makes January bearable. Hope your January is going better than mine has this week especially.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pride and Joys

This is Caden, I love his Hair!! (ps-I bought him that jacket its adorable)
Talan making a face at me. This is an older picture he is much bigger now
Taylie is starting young for the same love her Aunt Vickie has for chips. You can't tell in this picture but she was so excited when I handed her the bag. She is just a doll!
Cute Caden in his Car P.J.'s He loves Cars! And Don't love his curly locks?

Hi its me again. I am glad to hear from some of you. I hope that we can keep in touch with our blogs too. This week has been a little crazy busy but I survived. I have weird hours I work at my job at the hospital so it makes for long days. Well I wanted to put some pictures of my nephews and nieces on here because they are my pride and joy! The first picture I am putting up is my nephew Caden. He is the cutest most energetic toddler. He can say my name which is my favorite. The second and third pictures are of my niece and nephew that live right by me. They are super adorable and I get to see them all the time. Talan is little younger in this picture but he is now quite a bit bigger and is super attached to me. He cries when I leave. Everytime the doorbell rings he thinks me coming to see him so he runs to the door fast he can and calls out my name. Then he gets all sad when it isn't me. He can actually say my name almost perfectly which is amazing for his age because little kids can never say the "V" in my name. I pretty much adore him. The third picture is of my adorable niece Taylie. She is so cute. She seriously is such a pretty baby. She has thee longest dark eyelashes. She is learning to sit up really well and scoot and protecting herself from her overly excited brother Talan. She has the most kissable cheeks. Seriously this picture does not do her justice. These pictures are from my phone so if they aren't super good quality I will post better ones next time. Since most of my friends posted pictures of their own kids, and since I don't have any kids of my own I had to put the next best thing. The last picture is just another cute one of Caden. I hope that you enjoy these pictures. I enjoy my nephews and nieces so much too. Kids are so fun aren't they? Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, January 19, 2007

New Thing

I just got into this whole blog thing. I am excited to stay in touch with all my family and friends this way. An update of what I am doing in my life now: I am working two jobs. I work at a non-profit organization as a Rape Prevention Educator. I teach in the Junior Highs and Highschools. It can be challenging to talk about depressing subjects all day but I am able to do it knowing I'm making a difference. My second job is at the hospital in the Women's Center. I work crazy hours there but I love it. I am a CNA there. I help take care of the new moms and their babies. It is so much fun to be around newborns all the time. They are so adorable. I am done with school, luckily. I graduated in August with my bachelors in Family Consumer Human Development with an empathis in Community Services. I love being done with school. For all of you that are still in school hang in there you can make it. In my spare time which is rare I love making jewerly with my sister-in-law and playing with my adorable nephew and niece that live up here too. (I will have to put pictures on here later) I am still in the freezing cold town. It has been below zero degrees many days this winter and the wind chills you to the bone. Other than the freezing tempertures I love this Valley. It is beautiful up here and I love being surrounded by mountains. Well anyway I hope that I can stay in touch with you all better through this.