Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost Valentines Day

Talan at Panda Express. He loves Straws! He was a stylish boy this day with his jean jacket and spiked hair.

Taylie sticking her tongue out at me. She was ready to go play some tennis with her Wilson sweatshirt and sport headband and tiny pig tails. Her arms really aren't that big, it's just the angle.

Well nothing too exciting has happened this week. I have just been working. Lots of people having babies. We have been really busy this week, I don't know why. There must of been something really significant nine months ago. If anyone figures that out let me know. I would like to make some sense of the baby madness. Well it is almost Valentine's Day, the day of love or for me the day of Single Awareness. I just had to say Happy Valentine's Day to all and hope that if cupid hasn't found you someone yet, he will. That is my hope. I actually saw this really funny thing today at the dollar store. It was an arrow that you could shoot cupids at people. I totally want to buy it. It was hilarious. Hope all is well!! Enjoy this weeks pictures of Taylie and Talan, they were taken on my phone so they aren't very clear. HAPPY V-DAY!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007


I am so glad that I survived January and that it is over. It was a touch and go for a while there but then January 31st came and I celebrated. I know that it is weird but I just like February so much more. I am way excited that it is Friday too. I hope all is well with everyone. Keep me updated on your lives. I will post more pictures later when something exciting happens and its worth taking a picture of. Happy February!!!!