Thursday, March 1, 2007



We went shopping and bought some summer outfits. We of course we had to try them on. They are a little big, but so adorable. You can't see the shoes too good, but they match perfectly and are so adorable. She is such a cute girl. Love her!

Talan Posing for the camera. Making a dramatic facial expression. He got a little close to my phone because he wanted it.

Here are some fun pictures of my adorable nephews and neice. I know I show a lot of pictures of them, but they are my excitement in life. Taylie is seriously the cutest thing. She is so tiny. The picture of the summer clothes are suppose to fit her now according to the label, but they still drown her. She is just petit. Well I know I haven't posted for a long time, but there wasnt' much to post about. I have just been working like crazy at both jobs. I went home for a weekend and had fun. I also got to see some of my old roommates because one of my old roommates just got back from her mission and we had a little reunion. I will post those pictures later. Hope all is well. I am excited that it is March finally. March is my favorite month since my birthday is next week and it is Spring Break usually and Spring might actually come. I am pretty sure it will never come here. We have gotten a ton of snow, but I guess we have to make up for it since we didn't have much all winter long. :( Happy March 1st to everyone!!!!!