Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photoshoot Fun!!

So Shirlene and I went to go to the mall on Friday to pick up a picture-thing that I had ordered from Kiddie Kandid's. I had ordered it for Shirlene for Mother's day and because I couldn't resist. A couple of weeks ago I had been watching Talan and Taylie and took them to the mall so they could walk around and get some energy out. As I was walking around the mall, a lady from Kiddie Kandids approached me and said that they were slow and wondered if I would like to do a free sitting and get a free 8x10. I couldn't resist, so we did it, even though we couldn't get Taylie to smile and they weren't in their "cutest" outfits they turned out to be pretty cute. I got the free 8x10 and they showed me this cool portfolio thing that put one big picture of the two of them together and then one of each of them on the other side of it. It is on a thick book like kind of thing, it is hard to describe. Here are some pictures from this photoshoot.

This is the one I got for the free 8x10, I didn't do this border though.

This one is so cute of Talan and Taylie is almost smiling, but the positioning wasn't my favorite. Plus you can see Talan's funny t-shirt that says Idaho on it.

She is so all girl, I made that bracelet she is wearing. She is such a stinker and wouldn't smile.

I love this little smirk, it's like he is telling me he is a little angel!

So anyway before Shirlene and I got to Kiddie Kandid's in the mall, a lady came up to us and asked if they could do a sitting with Taylie and give her a free 8x10. I couldn't believe that this happened again. I think it is because Talan and Taylie are so cute and the workers are bored so they figure why not. We got some really cute pictues of Taylie and some funny ones. We were strong this time and only added a border for $5 to our 8x10. So here are some more pictures, but these are just of Taylie because Talan was at Grandma's house having a good time. Enjoy! I will show you which one we ordered, but I couldn't find the border we got it totally made the picture.

I love this expression, it's like she saying, huh?

This is the one Shirlene got, but it had a cuter border. It had so much personality and is so Taylie that we had to get it. It was a hard decision

This expression, cracks me up!!

This one is cute, as well. She wouldn't let go of the teddy bears, she kept calling them baby.

Here she is surrounded by all the teddy bears they had.

She loved the duckies too. She is just so darn cute, even if she didn't really smile in them. She is such a serious little girl it is so funny. Well I hope you enjoyed.