Monday, March 31, 2008

A-Z info about me

So I was tagged to do this, so bear with me. I hope you learn something new about me or are at least reminded about me. Enjoy!!

A - Attached or single? Single, definitely very single
B - Best friend? Shirlene-my sister-in-law we have so much fun together, we like to bead together and can talk about anything. I am going to miss her being close by, since she is going to be moving to Spanish Fork for Scott's job. At least she is family so she can't get rid of me!!
C - Cake or pie? Pie for sure-especially Rasberry or Blackberry pie, yummy!!
D - Day of choice? Friday for sure, because it is when the real partying starts!!!!
E - Essential item? Clothes I can't walk around naked, that would be very wrong.
F - Favorite color? Teal
G - Gummy bears or worms? Gummy worms, especially the sour kind those are so good.
H - Hometown? Orem, UT
I - Indulgences? Chocolate Molten Cake at Chili's, it is so good. Or I would say Fh'ookie's at Firehouse-for those that don't know what that is, it is basically a cookie cooked on skillet and icecream on top with carmel and hot fudge drizzled on top. They are to die for!!!
J - January or July? July-because it is warmer and there is a lot of fun holidays and events that happen in July.
K - Kids? Not any that I know of, but I would love a lot some day.
L - Life isn't complete without? My nephews and nieces
M - Marriage date? 2010- hopeful date, I would be happier with sooner though.
N - Number of brothers and sisters? 5 sisters and one brother- poor guy the only boy.
O - Oranges or apples? Oranges for sure- I have been on this clementine kick, I love them. They peel so easily and the are the perfect size for a snack.
P - Phobias or fears? Fear of being attacked- I know self-defense though so that is a comfort.
Q - Quote? "You're supposed to stop the cutip when there is resistence."-Words of wisdom given by Chandler Bing (Friends character) to Joey. Love Friends- so many great quotes come from that show.
R - Reason to smile? Having my niece get excited to see me and run up to me to hold her, saying "Vittie" and then putting her head on my shoulder in complete contentment!
S - Season of choice? Spring or Summer- I like the flowers in the Spring, but I love the warmth of the Summer-it's a toss up.
T - Tag five: Tammy Brooksby, Shaille Claypool, Nancy Heiss, Garrett Ward, and Michelle Uhler
U - Unknown fact about me? I smoked some cigarettes when I was five, some know this but I couldn't think of anything else. My friends stole their mom's cigarettes and we smoked almost the whole pack. We were all super sick after- I have never touched the stuff since then.
V - Vegetable? Corn
W - Worst habit? Pushing snooze for like an hour, I've gotten a lot better though. At least I have my own room, now so it is not as annoying for my roommates, I hope.
X - X-ray or ultrasound? I have had both done on me. I preferred the x-ray less invasive.
Y - Your favorite food? Costa Vida-sweet pork salad!!! I could practically live off of those-except I would probably end up being like 300 pounds if I did that- not a pretty sight I'm sure.
Z - Zodiac sign? Aries

Easter Good Times

So I am getting really back into the swing of blogging!! I wanted to put some pictures of Easter and that fun. I didn't get any of the usual pictures of egg hunting, but I did Taylie's hair really cute so we got some pictures of it. We got videos of the egg hunting, but I don't have those to put on here. We had a great day and had a lot of fun. So in these pictures, Talan and Taylie didn't want to give up their candy long enough to pose for pictures.
Talan Taylie eating starbursts, looking so cute!!

Talan & Taylie showing off their cute outfits, I wish you could see Taylie's cute shoes and bracelet, they matched the outfit perfectly!! She looked so cute, but she didn't like getting her hair done while we were doing it. The final result was cute as ever though!!!

This was the day before, but it was still so cute. Taylie was admiring her bracelet. She looks so cute in pigtails too. I guess I just can't get enough of her, she is so cute. The way she says my name, is so cute because she can't say her k's so it sounds more like vittie, it is adorable. Both her and Talan give the best loves too. It is so funny because they don't really give kisses they just put their cheek to be kissed, sometimes they will make the kissing noise. I just can't get enough of their cuteness and I am so excited that I have another niece on the way. It will be so fun to spoil another niece. I love being an aunt it is so fun to spoil them all.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I was lost . . . now I am found

So I have rediscovered the joys of blogs. I have been lost in the world without it. I know that it has been a really long time since I last post, but I did have some password/technical difficulties. I am back and have gone for a new look on my blog and in real life. I chopped my hair back in September, but I have also dyed it darker as well. Don't worry scroll down a little and you can see for yourself the new look. Keep in mind the pictures don't do the hair justice.

So there are few things that have changed in my life since I last blogged other than my hair. I also have a new position at the non-profit organization I have been working at. I am now a caseworker for victims of domestic violence. I help victims get out of their abusive situations as safely as possible and I also educate them about the dynamics of abuse. I have many other caseworker responsibilities. I am also the coordinator of all our volunteers that are on-call for when a crisis arises and a victim needs to meet with an advocate. I know my job sounds depressing, but it is actually really rewarding to help those that need it the most. I have learned so much and it has already been a great growing experience. My plan is to get my social work license in December, because you have to work for a year, under supervision and then I can take a test to get licensed as a social worker. I am still working at the hospital in the Mother/Baby unit, but I only work every other weekend. I work Saturday and Sunday, twice a month. It has been so amazing to have a fairly normal schedule. I only have to work until 3 in the morning two times a month, on Saturdays. I love working 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. It is so nice to be able to sleep at normal times of the day (except for every other Saturday) and to have my evenings off. So work is good at both jobs.

So I am still single as they come, but am trying to be more social and get out more now that I am not working 60-80 hours a week anymore. I have gone country dancing a few times, but I am not very good at dancing anymore. I did have a birthday this month, on the 11th so I am feeling old. I turned 24 years old. Even though it really isn't that old, it feels so old and plus my body is already starting to fall apart. I went to the doctors the other day and they tested my cholesterol, lets just say it was high, not in extreme danger high but too high especially for my age. Also, my HDL's, which is the good cholesterol, was too low. So I have set a new goal to eat more veggies and fruits and to exercise more. I also was told I am supposed to eat oatmeal and take those fish oil pills. If anyone else has some ideas for me, that would be great.

So I am attaching some pictures. They are of my birthday. I had a pretty good celebration. I went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with my roommates Laura and Jamie and my some of my family-Scott (brother), Shirlene (sister-in-law), Talan (nephew), Taylie (niece). We had a good time. I got steak and loved it!!! Just a warning, some of the pictures are kind of random, because Taylie wanted to help take pictures. It's kind of hard to get amazing pictures with a 20 month old helping you.

This is my HOT birthday crown, eating a bite of oreo pudding pie, it was delicious. I think I should have worn this to the resturant. I know you are all jealous that you can't have my crown, but you are just going to have to learn how to get over it or find one at a $1 store!!!

Taylie Helped me open the present she picked out. It was a soft bunny, and she called it "baby"

My roommies Laura and Jamie patiently waiting for our meal to come
Talan and (Daddy) Scott. Talan had really watery eyes, so he looks kind of sad

Talan posing with Mommy (Shirlene)

Taylie holding my present and not quite looking the right direction. Still she is so cute!!