Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Good Times

So I am getting really back into the swing of blogging!! I wanted to put some pictures of Easter and that fun. I didn't get any of the usual pictures of egg hunting, but I did Taylie's hair really cute so we got some pictures of it. We got videos of the egg hunting, but I don't have those to put on here. We had a great day and had a lot of fun. So in these pictures, Talan and Taylie didn't want to give up their candy long enough to pose for pictures.
Talan Taylie eating starbursts, looking so cute!!

Talan & Taylie showing off their cute outfits, I wish you could see Taylie's cute shoes and bracelet, they matched the outfit perfectly!! She looked so cute, but she didn't like getting her hair done while we were doing it. The final result was cute as ever though!!!

This was the day before, but it was still so cute. Taylie was admiring her bracelet. She looks so cute in pigtails too. I guess I just can't get enough of her, she is so cute. The way she says my name, is so cute because she can't say her k's so it sounds more like vittie, it is adorable. Both her and Talan give the best loves too. It is so funny because they don't really give kisses they just put their cheek to be kissed, sometimes they will make the kissing noise. I just can't get enough of their cuteness and I am so excited that I have another niece on the way. It will be so fun to spoil another niece. I love being an aunt it is so fun to spoil them all.

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